The day I found was a good day for me.

The day I found this website of C60 from Canada was a good day for me.

I already experience the effect of C60 on my health last year from C60 Purple Power from the US. Just after a few weeks, I could see the difference. And I am saying that literally. I have been told that I was going blind a couple of years ago. The treatment from the specialist was painful and I had an allergic reaction to the injection they did to me before all the test. Every time I would go for a treatment it would be painful and I couldn’t let them do that to me after talking to other patients in the waiting room. I talk to people that had been there for many treatments and I asked if they were improving. The answer was no but it didn’t get worse.

Well, it might have been good enough for them but not for me. I had heard about C60 so I tried it. The pain behind my eyes disappeared and all the black spot that at the beginning I thought was flies 🙂 went away.

I also have been diagnosed in 2009 with Celiac Disease and Diverticulitis. I was in so much pain most of the time. Because of Celiac, I have to read everything about the product I want to buy to be sure there is no gluten, wheat, soy. And when you are losing your sight it becomes very difficult for me to do my shopping. I would get sick and I knew it had to be something I eat but what?
After about a month of C60, I notice that the pain was less and less. That stuff is amazing.

But I couldn’t afford it any longer.

I tried CBD oil and it really helps with the pain but I was sleeping all the time. I was also gaining too much weight. So I stop CBD oil. That was a good thing because I learned not too long ago that the company I was buying from was growing illegally and now are in big trouble.

So I did a research on the web to see if there was a C60 company in Canada knowing that it would be less expansive. And yes the day I found C60 Canada was a good day for me.

What it did to me most was to give me hope to have a pain free life.

I almost forgot it also make my brain work better and better. Something that I do appreciate. I had a car accident in 2001 hurt my back, my knee, my neck and had a brain injury. I had no short memories. I couldn’t focus long enough to read. I couldn’t watch TV because it was too fast. I would start to cry when someone talks too fast because I couldn’t make sense of what they were saying.
I could stay one hour on a paragraph trying to understand. I was like a book worm before and I couldn’t read anymore. I couldn’t stand more than two minutes without acute pain. It took me years to recuperate. I use to paint sometime 3-5 painting at the same time. I remember at the beginning when I wanted to play solitary on my computer. I knew that I knew how to play because I did it since I was a child with a real playing card. I kept looking at the card and had no idea what to do with it. It took me a long time to relearn how to play. To be stubborn sometimes could be very useful 🙂

I now have hope to paint again. Because I can focus longer and I won’t lose my sight.

With hope, every day is a good day don’t you think? I do 🙂

Whatever is your health problem you have nothing to lose by trying it. Believe me, I know. But to believe in me, is not enough, you have to try it for yourself. Then you’ll know. 🙂

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