Where to Buy C60 in Canada !?

Here you will find some things to consider when buying C60 oils.

What can I expect from c60?

Why should I buy c60?

What size of bottle should I buy?

What oils are right for me?

How to know if I am buying real c60?

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To start off, what is c60?   

C60 is one of the most studied molecules by scientists, It iis simply 60 carbon atoms to make one Carbon 60 molecule. Carbon 60 is a molecule named after Buckminster Fuller, known as the buckminsterfullerene. It was first mentioned in 1965 by Harry P Shultz’ Journal titled Topological Organic Chemistry . In 1970 professor Eiji Osawa described Carbon 60 a structure that looked like five hexagons surrounding one pentagon or a dodecahedron.   Greek Philosopher Plato paired the dodecahedron to the element Ether/universe.

Sacred geometrics talks about these 5 Platonic Solids with great importance, but the dodecahedron is linked to aspects of the Universe, divine creation and it connected the higher chakras 6th, 7th and above, which holds the energies of meditation, awareness and to a higher self.  Helps connect to source energy, a gentle energy emanating from all sides. Makes one think if it’s the structure of the c60 module that gives its unique properties?

C60, also known as a buckyball is a nano molecule, most symmetric molecule known to science today and small enough to fit into a DNA strain and has been touted to help protect DNA from radiation.

A lot of buzz words are mentioned within the scientific community about C60 such as quantum entanglement, c60 is a molecule for quantum computing.  JILA researchers have measured hundreds of individual quantum energy levels in the buckyball, a spherical cage of 60 carbon atoms.

Due to its enormous 60-atom size, the overall molecule has a staggeringly high number of ways to vibrate — at least 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 vibrational quantum states when the molecule is warm. JILA research 

What can you expect from c60?

Most people taking c60 have heard that c60 is a powerful antioxidant and scientifically proven to almost double the lifespan of rats.  Other buzzwords include anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, elixir of life and modern-day fountain of youth, with good reason if you ask me.   But to go a little more in depth, here is what we are hearing about c60.

Increase energy!  When we age our cells stop working as they should, our energy level goes down because of it.  So c60 as a nano molecule goes to the powerhouse of the cell, the mitochondria. Mitochondria are the power source for the human cell.  C60 energy emanating gently from all sides, vibrates the mitochondria, exercising it back into health. By powering the power supply of the cell c60 increases overall energy to humans.

Joint pain disappeared!   Oxidative stress and inflammation are the cause of many issues in our body, some say oxidative stress and inflammation are 90% responsible for disease and there is a long list of conditions linked to them. C60 as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory helps with them both at one time.

Gets rid of Brain Fog:    Since c60 is a nano molecule it is small enough to pass through the blood brain barrier.  We have heard from many accounts, including mine, that brain fog is one of the first things people notice when taking c60.  Some live with brain fog without even knowing it. We are also confident that c60 helps with depression and elevates mood, sense of well-being, and more motivation.   With many noticeable effects on the brain c60 promises results for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, MS and more.

Better Sports Performance:  By increasing energy, it helps the body deal with oxidative stress, c60 helps recover your muscles faster after a workout, run, cycle or what-have-you. Working out your muscles creates a lot of oxidative stress, rightfully so, since the muscles need the oxygen.  But the waste left by the oxygen, free radicals, doesn’t get cleaned up as fast as we like since our bodies own antioxidant system can’t keep up with all the extra stress. That is why it can take hours/days to fully recover. With c60 you should see a noticable recovery time and get back in your game.

Repairing your eyes:  Many people online have noticed there eyesight gets better as a result of taking c60, with anecdotal evidence of getting rid of macular degeneration.   I believe there was talk about is a clinical trial of c60 and macular degeneration, but we haven’t seen any trial results yet.

Cognitive enhancing potential: when thinking about Cognitive enhancing some might think that mean giving us Spidey-sense.  Not real far from it, but also much gentler of a premonition. C60 helps quiet the chatterbox in our head, some call that the monkey brain.  When that is quiet, and you live in a calm head space, less stress, fears and desires do not come to your thoughts. This is when you can hear your cognitive potential.  When you listen to that, what-ever that is? Higher source thoughts? Mental ability to read the future. You will find that answer to some question comes more naturally and reminders of important things happen frequently. Like all skills it is something you must exercise for it to become stronger.  Things you will notice: improvements in logical performance, memory and better sense of smell.


Why you should buy c60?


Better energy output = feeling more awake = higher cognitive capabilities & motivation.

What size of bottle should I buy?

In the market there are bottles ranging from 100ml to 480ml, what we recommend is to start with half your suggested dosage for the first 1-2 weeks to start with.  A 100-120ml bottle to start with is good find for the first timers. 120ml normally lasts 24 days but when you start at half dosages, should be a 35-40 day supply.

It is recommended to try c60 for 3 months before noticing some results.  If you want to order 480ml bottle that would be about 96 days of supply and a great way to get into C60!

What bottle size you should buy?  Depends on your financial state and other factors can make a difference.  But get any size bottle to start with will be fine.    On the top of financial state, if you want to try c60 and have a major health issue and can’t afford c60 please reach out to C60canada.com, the staff is friendly and are willing to help you!

When buying from the USA, there tends to be duty and extra shipping but ordering form a Canadian supplier like c60canada.com does saves you in the long run, also one of the best priced on the marketplace right now.

On what oils are right for you?

MCT (Coconut ) Oil

Olive Oil

Avocado Oil

Requires less bile to be digested. Preferable for people with liver, gallbladder, or pancreas issues Requires bile and pancreatic enzymes to be digested Requires bile and pancreatic enzymes to be digested
Fast absorbed and delivered to the liver Absorbed and metabolized slower Absorbed and metabolized slower
May upset your stomach, and noticeable bowel movements shortly after taking. Doesn’t upset the stomach Doesn’t upset the stomach

CONCLUSION To summarize, all 3 options described above are great for anyone, it’s mostly a matter of taste and convenience.

How to know you are buying real c60?

There are undoubtedly companies out there selling non-c60 infused oils and passing them out as the real thing.   You as a consumer must do your own research to make sure you don’t purchase c60 from the wrong company.

Most companies online are reputable and are selling a good product.   But stay away from companies selling c60 olive oil that use cheaper store-bought olive oils, since olive oil can go rancid quickly. Purchase c60 from companies telling you what oils they are using.

C60canada is reputable company in Canada. For any other companies in Canada, ask for their source of c60 or a certificate (which can be faked as well) and what oils they are using if not advertised like C60canada does.

C60canada shop here!



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  1. This post was very useful to me when I saw that coconut oil was better for gallbladder issues. I don’t have a gallbladder anymore. So I will try that one again and see what happen.
    Thank you 🙂

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