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Sarpreet Basi founder of

He began as a career in the computer network field and helped successfully build a small computer company, Knowledge Computers. Starting from 5 employees in Duncan, BC into a small multinational company with over 100 employee’s with offices in Guelph, ON, Minnesota, MN, Singapore and Hong Kong. I continue to work with Knowledge Computers today.

At the age of 30 Sarpreet became interested in running his own company, he helping the community with small projects to build experience.

Sarpreet revamping a failing restaurant/café with 5 tables and a 20 person capacity into a successful and loved restaurant where the owners have now opened a new location with over 100+ seats.

He worked and invested in a hobby farm that is in the process of becoming an aquaponics farm with over 12,000 sq/ft of growing area. When this project is complete he will create a demonstration video.

At 36, Sarpreet was introduced to C60 from an interview on youtube by Sarah Westall and Clif High.   He noticed there was no company in Canada providing C60 so, he when out and did some research on how it’s made and started C60canada shortly afterwards.  Check out our process on how we make C60 here: C60

If you have ordered form C60canada we thank you for your support and for helping us grow.

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