How to make C60 ?


  • Centrifuge and filter

In the rat study they used filtering in order to understand what the exact dose they were giving for research purposes. So When making this at home filtering is not necessary. Unless you want to know how much your taking daily for your own personal interests or needs.


  • Types of oil 

There are many types of oils that can be used for C60 solution. The factors that you should look at when choosing an oil though are quite extensive. Is it certified that it is in fact pure Olive, Avocado and Coconut oil? Another factor is it organic? Non GMO? C60 is for your personal health so this could be an important issue for you, do your research! Lastly what do you digest better, does it satisfy your taste buds and how well does Carbon 60 saturate with your chosen oil.

  • Certified
  • Organic
  • Non Gmo
  • Digestible
  • Taste
  • Best Saturation
  • Purity

Solvents are used in order to make C60. It is the easiest way to draw C60 from the byproduct elements. The purity percentage describes the amount of solvents compared the the raw Carbon 60 powder. The main two ratios for C60 powder are 99.95% and 99.90%. A .04 and .09 difference between the two. Obviously C60 is a super antioxidant, so you would assume that when ingested the C60 would already take care of the toxins it contains. The last thing that you should consider is the price difference between purities. If you want the most pure Carbon 60 powder it’s going to cost a pretty penny compared the ‘less pure’ powders, between 99.90% and 99.50% the price difference is marginal so you might as well go with the most cost effective choice!  We here at C60 Canada use and provide 99.95% purity Carbon 60 Powder for the most effective health benefit! 


  • Solvents
  • 99.99% vs 99.95 0.04% difference 99.99% vs 99.90% difference 00.09% (C60 super antioxidant removes toxins)
  • Huge price differences between purities. Best value compared to the amount of solvents mostly redundant.
  • Dissolving C60 in Oil

Are you stirring or shaking your solution? With magnetic stirring it takes about two weeks. With an ultrasonicator it could take around 100~ minutes. Obviously an ultrasonicator would be more expensive but more effective in the long run. You are also making this at home so a stirrer would generally make more sense!  C60canada uses the magnetic stirring method. 

  • Stirring (2 weeks) 
  • Shaking (Ultrasonic cleaner) (100 minutes~)
  • Heating

Heating oil may make it easier for the Carbon 60 saturate better into the oil! If you are going to heat your chosen oil you should definitely consider the way your oil behaves when heated! The smoke point is the most important. You shouldn’t even get close to that degrees because toxins will form in the oil itself and it makes the use of C60 more redundant!


  • Study says ambient temperature
  • Heating may affect saturation of the oil
  • Well below smoke point of your oil
  • Above the solidification of your oil
  • Find a happy medium  between the statistics of your oils
  • Filtering Contamination. 


This entirely depends on your workplace. Most likely choice would be in your home, whether it’s the kitchen, garage or shed out back! They’re will always be bacteria present! Unless you have a sterile workstation. Filtering bacteria is entirely optional but if it’s something you want to do then go for it! A 0.22 filter will practically get rid of almost all bacteria from your solution! We offer both the vacuum filter and filter sheets here at C60 Canada!


  • How sterile is your workplace
  • You may want to consider filtering (.22 micron filter will filter the MAJORITY of bacteria that may contaminate your filter)
  • Quantity of C60 per ml 


In the rat study they started with 50 mg of C60 in the 10 ml of oil. They found out that only 0.80mg/ml actually was taken in by the oil. That a considerable amount of Carbon 60 left over and basically wasted. That’s a lot of money. So when making your own at home the most viable thing to do is use what they learned and mix .80mg/ml with your oil for the most effective Carbon 60 solution! 


  • Rat Study
  • Rat study 50 mg c60 in 10 ml oil
  • Saturation 0.80mg/ml
  • 42 mg C60 left behind

          –   Maximum Saturation rate 0.80 grams/1,000 ml

          – Cost effectiveness, if over-saturated you can lose a lot of money on wasted Carbon C60 powder. 

  • Some final things to consider

Power source! If you are using a magnetic stirrer and your area has frequent outages then your 2 week long trek may be interrupted. You may want to get a power supply and use that instead. Noise! If you chose to use an ultrasonic cleaner they can be quite loud so make sure you can either tolerate it or have an acceptable place to use it. Light and storage! Light is one of the most important things to consider when making C60, when stirring and when in storage light can corrupt and degrade your C60 which will make it a lot less effective when ingested. We at C60 Canada will provide you amber bottles and dark box/cover to insure light will not ruin your efforts in making C60 at home. Lastly pets! Make sure wherever you stir and store your C60 that your pets cannot get in there and mess your stirring or storage process up! 

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