Our Process

We follow the original Baati / Paris method of C60 – olive oil preparation.  Which can be found here: Baati

We used 99.9+ % purified c60 and place that in a Vacuum oven to oven dry the C60.   To make an ultra-pure C60 with no solvents. This process is important as we don’t want any solvents in our products.

We use 5 grams of C60 per liter of olive oil, the 5 grams is used to make sure we get a 0.8gm/1 liter.  Using less grams of C60 might not achieve that.   Some companies online use 0.8g of C60 per liter and not getting full saturation resulting in an lower concentration of C60 in there product.   The Baati process uses 5 grams of C60 and so do we.

We work in a HEPA filter Lab Transfer Table, clean air room.

We only use the best olive oils in the local market we can find. More about the oils here:  Olive Oil

We mix our 5 grams of c60 per liter of olive oil for 2 whole weeks using specialized equipment that ensures full suspension of c60 particles during the entire mixing operation. The mixing occurs a darkened HEPA Lab Transfer Table avoid c60 degradation from light and provided 99% clean air.

Our fully saturated c60 solution is then centrifuged at 5,000 g for one hour to remove and recover the un-dissolved c60.

Our sterile filtered, fully saturated solution is then bottled in amber glass Boston round bottles, labeled, and packaged for delivery to you.

We like any other company using the Baati method are proven to consistently provide a fully saturated, 0.8 mg per ml c60 olive oil solution. Don’t settle for the slightly less expensive, vastly inferior products available from our competitors. Insist on fully saturated c60 olive oil solution from the only company that does it right.

Please feel free to reach out for any questions