Videos of peoples experiences and interview online about C60

FINALLY! Stopping Cancer in Its Tracks w/ Ian Mitchell – Part 1

Solution Close: Telomeres, Senescent Cells, Stem Cell Reproduction

REALIST NEWS – 3 Amigos and a special Guest (Ken)

Is C60 Safe? A 5G Remedy? Ken “the Scientist” Clears the Record

The C60 Cat by Carbon 60 Research

Top Scientists/NASA Can Now Control Consciousness, C60 Blindness Study

C60: March Follow-up. This stuff is amazing!

Thomas Paine and John Barnwell discuss some great ways to antidote 5G. Listen as they explore ormus, C60, shungite, buckyballs, and superconnectivity.

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Patty Greer & Ken: C60 “Bucky Ball” Molecule – DNA Activation & Longevity at


Energy Weapons, C60 Source of Life, Newton & Gravity Redefined

Ken “the Scientist” along with Patty Greer joins the program to discuss Greer’s brush in with energy weapons, the amazing benefits of C60, and how C60 is the source of life. Ken is the mind behind which brings us one the highest quality C60 oil available today.

C60 And Vision

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David Phillips  Talks about C60  – To join the health and wealth inner circle email

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Two top scientists Phil Catalano and Max Champie come on the program to discuss the benefits of C60 in more detail. Their extensive science background, including over 15 years at NASA, and cutting edge research with major companies, helps bring credibility to the claims. They discuss the research being conducted at Universities and laboratories all over the world.

Randy Maugans talks with James Martinez, media ecologist, activist, and advocate of emerging technologies; and Bob Greska, developer and CEO of Carbon C-60.

Scientists Ian Mitchell and Dr. Ayyappan Subbiah joins the program to discuss the scientific medical studies and breakthroughs they are seeing using C60 and Telomere lengthening enzymes. They are seeing significantly increases in health and lifespan in mammals.

The current theory is that C60 olive oil maybe semi-permanently embedded within the lipid bilayers of the cells and mitochondria, here it acts as a reusable, recyclable antioxidant.

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